Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Rental

Persons who may drive the Vessel
The Vessel may be driven only by the person or persons named as the designated skipper(s) on the Rental Agreement.

The Hirer shall pay for all fuel used in the Vessel during the period of hire, including the emergency tank supplied at the commencement of the hire.

Hirer’s Obligations
*The Hirer and Skipper must be aged 25 or over.
*The Hirer shall ensure that all reasonable care is taken at all times in handling the Vessel and related equipment.
*The Hirer shall ensure that the outboard motor on the Vessel is never run unless being properly immersed in water. The outboard is to be flushed with fresh water after use.
*The Hirer will use the auxiliary motor only in the event of emergency in order to reach a safe haven. Its use is otherwise not permitted and it is not to be removed from the secure position within the boat.

Vessel Security
According to the The Owner’s insurance policy, the trailer is to be secured by the provided wheel clamp and the trailer coupling lock at all times it is not in transit or where it is unattended. Failure to do this may result in the Hirer paying an additional $1000 excess in the event of loss. The boat is not to left unattended while at sea or moored.

Mechanical Repairs and Accidents
If the Vessel is damaged or requires repair or salvage, whether because of an accident or a breakdown, the Hirer shall advise The Owner of the full circumstances by radio or by mobile phone as soon possible.
The Hirer shall not arrange or undertake any repairs or salvage without the authority of The Owner except to the extent that the repairs or salvage are necessary to prevent further damage to the Vessel or other property.

The Hirer shall ensure that no person shall interfere with or modify or attempt to modify the Vessel or any part of the Vessel or, except in an emergency, any part of the outboard motor. In these terms and conditions the expression ‘the Vessel’ includes its outboard motor, the trailer, safety equipment and accessories.

Important: Hirer Must advise owner if he / she has been involved in any boating accidents (Passenger or Skipper)

Use of the Vessel
The Hirer shall not permit, use or permit the Vessel to be used for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward.

Smoking or the consumption of alcohol and drugs is NOT permitted on the boat.

Return of the Vessel
The Hirer shall, at or before the expiry of the term of hire, deliver the Vessel to the place from which the Vessel was hired or to such place of business of The Owner as may be agreed upon, or obtain The Owner’s consent to the continuation of hire.

The vessel is supplied with a full tank of petrol and a full emergency tank which can be used for the auxiliary motor and as an emergency supply with the main motor.The underfloor fuel tank is to be filled up with petrol before being returned to the Licensee. If this is not done there will be an additional charge of $20 to cover this as well as the fuel required.

The vessel will be returned in a clean and tidy state; or an additional cleaning fee may be charged.

Definition of a Rental Day
A full day is considered to be up to 10 hours from 8am to 6pm (Taking into account Daylight Savings & Winter) but these times may be able to be modified with the sole descretion of the Owner.

Vessels are not licensed to operate during the hours of darkness.

Weather and Sea Conditions
The Hirer agrees to always check the weather and maritime conditions prior to use. The Hirer agrees that the vessel will not be used in conditions of poor visibility, high wind warnings, or rough seas which could be considered unsafe for the vessel and its usage.

Crossing a harbour bar is not recommended. The Hirer will take additional safety precautions if crossing over a harbour bar and follow the safety tips provided by the Owner. If in any doubt the crossing must not be attempted.

The vessel is not licensed to operate outside any harbour on the West Coast of New Zealand.

Hire for More than One Day
The Hirer agrees that they will leave the details of the planned activities and places where the vessel will be used with a responsible person prior to each trip.

Maritime Safety Authority Conditions
The Hirer is required to have competency in the safe handling of the hire vessel and be able to demonstrate this in the requisite vessel familiarisation and safety briefing.

If The Owner deems the Hirer unsuitable then a full refund will be given.

Safe Towing
The Hirer agrees to abide by the traffic regulations. The Hirer agrees that the vehicle is capable of towing the vessel safely and has the appropriate towball and lighting plug. Check the towing capacity of your car with the AA.

Security Bond
A $1000 bond is to be paid prior to hireage.

The bond is refunded when the vessel is returned in a satisfactory condition as determined by The Owner.

In the case of damage or a serious incident the security bond may be retained by The Owner until an insurance claim or resolution occurs.

Deposit and Cancellation
A deposit of 50 % of the hire price is to be made upon booking with the balance due prior to commencement of hire.

Payment of a deposit by the hirer acknowledges acceptance of the Boats for Hire Campbells Bay Ltd Hire Terms and Conditions.

In the event of cancellation prior to hireage due to unsafe seas or circumstances beyond the control of The Owner, the full deposit is refundable or an alternative booking can be made.

In the event of cancellation within 14 days of the hire date a fee of $100 may be deducted from the deposit upon its return.

Privacy Act
The information requested from you is to enable The Owner to assess your request to hire a Vessel and in order to comply with the requirements of all applicable rules, regulations and by-laws, statutory or otherwise, relating to traffic on the water and security. The Hirer agrees to provide his/her drivers’ licence, photo ID and agrees to a photo of themselves and vehicle.